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Colorado Four Wheelers

19 hours 3 minutes ago

Colorado Four Wheelers added an event.

Please join Colorado Four Wheelers as we spend an afternoon bowling to support Christmas for Kids! $20 per person for 3 games, with free shoes. All proceeds will benefit CFK. CFK is compromised of members of the four wheel community and partnering with our local DHS. We provide Christmas presents and basic necessities to kids in the DHS system who would otherwise not get them.

Colorado Four Wheelers

1 day 16 hours ago

Here is further explanation why emailing or attending community meeting regarding this issue is critical for us to save our trails!!

For those that are not aware, The Pike and San Isabel National Forests are creating a new travel management plan and are taking comments about the proposed plans through September 8th. There are also 3 public meeting, this week. Please be sure to make a comment about this plan in some way as it effects 1,855 trails, and 2,606 miles within the recreation area.

WITHOUT COMMENTS, WE HAVE NO VOICE. AND WITHOUT A VOICE, WE ONLY LOSE TRAILS like the one in this picture (Halfmoon Creek - Leadville, CO) which is on the list to be decommissioned if we do nothing.

Alternative B if chosen, will see us lose 810 trails and 789 miles.

Alternative C & D if chosen, will see us lose only 62 trails and 47.5 miles.

And those aren't the only options. Those are just the ones right now. If we have a loud enough voice, we can keep all the trails open, and 100% of the miles!

Come to a meeting, make a comment, have a voice, and be heard about the sport we all love and something we are all passionate about. Don't let the greenies take our trails without a fight!

The Forest Service has told us that the motorized community never shows up, and never makes comments when plans like this are created, so the environmentalists that want to close every single trail usually get their way by default. It's our own fault when trails are closed because we don't voice our opinions loud enough and to the right people. We'd rather just complain about trail closures within our own network and never stand up to fight the people bringing the fight to our front door.

Again, I ask you all, please make a comment to help save our trails so that we can continue to enjoy the public lands that are open to all of us.

Colorado Four Wheelers

1 day 16 hours ago



Colorado Springs Utilities, Pikes Peak Room, Leon Young Service Center
1521 S. Hancock Expressway, Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Please everyone come to this meeting and help us save our trails!

Colorado Four Wheelers

1 day 19 hours ago

Taken from a post on Stand Tall - please read and submit your own email!

The trail you see in this picture is Saran Wrap. Along with Eagle Rock, those two trails are favorites in the Colorado Springs area. Unfortunately, they are threatened to be closed due to the PSI Travel Management plan.

The Forest Service needs to hear why we want these trails to remain open to motorized use. Please provide very specific comments. Here are examples on what your comments should reference:

1) Pick a specific trail or network of trails.
2) Are there particular historic sites on/near the trail.
3) Decommissioning certain sections of trails or connecting trails would only result in resource damage at the closure due to vehicles attempting to turn around.
4) The mapping in 1984 was inaccurate and it is obvious certain trails like halfmoon creek were meant to be a motorized designation, but the mapping technology failed to adequately identify where the road was.
5) Do you use any of these trails for hunting reasons.
6) Do you use any of these trails for fire wood gathering or christmas tree gathering.
7) Such and such trail creates an alternate route between this town and that town that allows you to take in Colorado's natural beauty via backroad instead of by noisy, paved highway.

Please send comments to

September 8th is the deadline.

Colorado Four Wheelers

3 days 18 hours ago

Colorado Four Wheelers added 56 new photos to the album: Slide Lake & Mosquito Pass 8/16.

Colorado Four Wheelers

1 week 14 hours ago

Hey everyone! We have a lot of events planned for Christmas for Kids fundraisers! Please mark your calendars for the following, with more info to come:

9/13: Spaghetti dinner fundraiser at the Colorado Four Wheelers club meeting 6pm at Bear Creek Park
10/8-10/9: Camp out weekend at the Lutheran Valley Retreat near Divide- join us for a weekend of wheeling and camaraderie
10/22: Bowling at King Pin Lanes 1:00pm
TBD in November: Show N Shine in Colorado Springs
12/3: Gift Drop Off and prize drawing event

Colorado Four Wheelers

1 week 1 day ago

Taken from Predator, who has adopted these trails. Please please participate as it will benefit us all in keeping the Gulches open and possibly even opening them to more access.

************ACTION REQUIRED**********
This yours and mine last-best chance to finish the fight to get these trails full opened. It is all of our responsibility as four wheel enthusiast to do our part and express our voice in this!!! Please read and give your input at the meeting.

Colorado Four Wheelers

1 week 3 days ago

We had a small turnout, but a lot of fun on yesterday's WOW Mini Moab play day. We had a nice lunch and raised a few bucks for Christmas for Kids!

Colorado Four Wheelers

2 weeks 15 hours ago


From the Blue Ribbon Coalition:

Dear BRC members, supporters and action alert subscribers,

We just received the following Action Alert from our partners over at the Colorado Snowmobile Association (CSA), Colorado Off-Highway Vehicle Coalition (COHVCO) and the Trails Preservation Alliance (TPA), with regards to the Pike and San Isabel National Forests Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) for travel management as the result of a 2015 settlement agreement.

Analysis in the EIS would determine which roads and trails are open for public motorized use and included in future Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs).

We've pasted their Action Alert below. Please take a minute to read the alert, take action and then pass it along to friends, family and riding buddies.

Thanks in advance for your support,

Ric Foster
BlueRibbon Coalition
Public Lands Department Manager
208-237-1008 ext. 2

The following link takes you to Pike and San Isabel forest Environmental Impact Statement for proposed resolution about Motor Vehicle Use. Lots of info I looked for impact on the areas we might use and did not see any significant changes; how ever more eyes the better.