We had a lot of sunshine to go along with the rock garden, granite slabs and challenging left hand turns, making for a great day to be out 4-wheeling.  Though there were some challenges climbing some of the rocks, a fun time was had by all.

We had a group of 5 rigs out for the adventure with Howard leading the trip and Brendan tail-gunning.  The two of them along with Ron provided some outstanding spotting to get everyone safely through the rocks this trail is known for.

Just a short distance into the trail, is the first obstacle “The Wall”.  Today, it payed to have the longer wheelbase here.  Both Brendan and Howard made the wall look relatively easy.  And while Stephen, Gary and Ron gave it a good try, all three needed a little winching assistance to make it over the granite without causing any damage.

Ron at the Wall
Ron at the wall

We continued up the trail along a narrow shelf road. For passengers with a fear of heights this can be the hardest part of the trail as you look down at I-70 where the cars look the size of ants.  After turning back into the trees we reached “Hard Left Turn”  the second named obstacle on the trail.  All five of the guys did an outstanding job here traversing the boulders in the corner.

Howard heading into
Howard heading into “Hard Left Turn”


Brendan climbing the rocks at
Brendan climbing the rocks at “Hard Left Turn”

After a series of switch backs through the trees we arrived at the notorious “Rock Garden”.  We spent a little time here watching the group in front of us before we had an opportunity to try traverse the boulders ourselves.   As you slowly crawl through this section, you will be easily reminded of why it takes an entire day to complete a short 4 mile trail.

Stephen traversing some boulders in the 'rock garden'
Stephen traversing some boulders in the ‘rock garden’


Gary working his way through the 'rock garden'
Gary working his way through the ‘rock garden’


After the rock garden it was more rocky trail to the end of the Spring Creek trail.   For our exit we chose the to exit the back side of the mountain via Cascade Creek to Hwy 103.


The group at the top of Spring Creek trail
The group at the top of Spring Creek trail


Once off the trail, we headed to Idaho Spring for some Colorado Mountain Pies (aka Pizza) at Beau Jo’s.


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