We had a small group for a winter run to Chinaman Gulch.  Although there was snow on the ground when we left home in the springs, it didn’t deter this group of drivers from heading out for some fun.  We stopped for gas in Johnson Village then continued to the trailhead.

The Collegiate Peaks

Above is the view of the mountains as we aired down to get ready for the trail run.      Soon we were off to the trail.  We only made it about 1/4 of a mile into he trail before we ran into trouble. While climbing a small rock outcropping there was  a loud pop from Kevin’s YJ.  Upon further inspection the drive shaft and axle were broken.  After a bit of triage on the trail Howard helped get Kevin back to his trailer.

Kevin (and Susan) just before they break the driveline and axle in their jeep.

Once Howard got back to the trouble spot, the remaining rigs continued on the trail.  Our first stop to play was in the rock garden.  Everyone had a chance to play here before we had lunch.

Tony showing some flex in the rock garden


After lunch we continued along with trail, having some fun at each obstacle.

Ron (and Mary) having some fun on some rocks.


Steve showing off on some rocks along the trail


John getting a little sideways in the Chutes


Howard showing some flex in the Chutes


Thanks Tony for leading the trip and everyone for a great day on the trail.


More pictures can be found HERE



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