For this trip we explored a network of trails just south of Fairplay that included

– Breakneck Pass

– Browns Pass

– Peerless Mountain

We started with Breakneck Pass which climbs through an Aspen/Pine forest and then opens up to a beautiful meadow.   To the left of the meadow there was a spur we had not explored before.  Since we were a fairly small group (7 rigs) we decided to explore the spur.

water crossing at spur

The spur started with a water crossing then gently climbed through similar forested area. At the end there was a large campsite area where there were a number of ATVs, we returned the same way back to Breakneck Pass.   We continued on up Breakneck Pass to the top.  It was cloudy, windy and misting a bit when we arrived, but the views into the valley were still beautiful.   We braved the cold and had our lunch before heading back down.

We got to the intersection to Browns Pass and took that to over to the next valley.   There was a spot on the way with the remains of and old cabin that provided amazing views with range behind us.

what a view!

Along the route we got to a river crossing and then worked our way to the top of Peerless Mountain.  From the top we could see down to Leadville  and Turquoise Lake.  We even texted a fellow club member who was in Leadville to say hi from the hills above.  They responded assuring us they had waved back even though we didn’t see that.

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Breakneck Pass & more
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