A small group from the club had a great time running Metberry Gulch then Hackett Gulch.

Pat N had posted a quick message to our Facebook group for an impromptu trip to Metberry Gulch. A few club members were able to attend and we ended up with five rigs at the trail head Saturday morning.

It was a perfect day to be out on the trail. Just a bit before the big rock on Metberry we watch a C130 plane fly through the canyon. It was quite a sight seeing it fly so low.

C130 Flying in Canyon

When we got to the large rock, we noticed that fencing had been removed and vehicles had been traveling the illegal bypass to the left of the rock. The guys put the fencing back on up the top and bottom sides of the rock before we continued to the river. Down by the river we had a nice lunch before our return trip.

down chicken scratch hill

On the return trip up the rock, both Pat and Howard got a little bit of air with a front tire when starting up the rock. About half way out, we encountered the largest group of FJ Cruisers that I have ever seen. A few pictures below from the trip.


More picture from Metberry Gulch HERE

After finishing Metberry Gulch, three rigs decided to also run Hackett Gulch. HERE are a few pictures from that trail as well.

Impromptu Trip to the Gulches
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