Our first WOW (Women of Wheeling) run for 2016 – Cedar Mountain Road.

These trips are a great opportunity for the women to take the driver’s seat while we watch a few of the husband’s/boyfriends struggle with giving up control.  Men were allowed to drive on this trip providing they dressed like a girl (think pink shirts and pretty hair ties).

We met for breakfast at the Western Omelette (yummy) and then caravaned up Ute Pass to the trail head.  The early parts of the road had some large mud puddles, which are quite typical this time of year.

staging area


Everything was pretty uneventful until we got a bit past the turn off for Metberry Gulch.  Although this is typically an easy trail, we encountered a section that had been washed out by the recent rains.

washed out

Unfortunately one of our driver’s slipped a bit in the mud and ended up wedged into one of the washed out areas.




But with a little help from his friends (yes the Beatle’s song should be going through your head now), we got all four wheels of the Cherokee back on the trail.  The next driver through the washed out section made it look easy – and pretty cool with this wheel-stand.

making it look easy

Overall a great day to be out on the trail!


More Pictures HERE



Cedar Mountain Road – WOW Run