For as far back as I can remember – and maybe for as long as we’ve been a club – the Colorado Four Wheelers have held our annual Chilly Chili Run.  Fall is a beautiful time of year in Colorado and what better way to celebrate than with a fun run all club members can enjoy.  Most year’s we run our Adopt-a-Trail for the event.  Our current Adopt-a-Trail is China Wall where we held our 2015 event.

As part of the Chilly Chili run, each club member brings enough homemade Chili to feed their family.   Once we arrived down by the river,  camp is set up including a fire.  The chili that each family brings is all dumped into a big pot and heated.   I have to admit the first time we did this it seemed odd.  Maybe it’s the generally simple ingredients that go into chili, but it just works.

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Annual Chilly Chili Run
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