By Christie Cashatt

26 July 2015

Finally, on 7/26/15, we revisited Schubarth road. Many of our prospective members were on the trail with us early this year when there were new feet of snow; it was a memorable trip, to say the least. It was icy, and our President who was leading had to use his winch multiple times just to turn around. And then he did this:

This redemption run was awesome. The weather was pretty nice except for a brief rain shower. We had 18 rigs roll out with us. It was a nice mix of Jeeps, a couple of Toyotas, and two Broncos!

We took lunch just before the rain and then headed off to one of the dead ends that has a cool rock outcropping. One of the guys forgot to set his brake and his Jeep apparently came out of gear and decided to take itself for a roll. Good thing there was a tree to stop it!

Fortunately, not much damage occurred, but it was still pretty spooky.

Despite this, we enjoyed the views and the ability to hang out with friends.

On the way out, some got the chance to do a little flexin. And waving.

Ultimately, the day was finished under beautiful Colorado sunshine. It was a great redemption trip, and a fun day!!


More pictures HERE

Schubarth Road – Revisited
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