By Christie Cashatt

18 July 2015

Because of all the rain, our club took a little hiatus from some of our nearby trails. Fortunately, things have  dried out enough for us to get back to our favorite trails.

On 7/18 we ran Metberry Gulch. The trail was more washed out than it had been this winter, but was still a lot of fun. We had 10 rigs go with us, and two atv’s joined us too. Everyone had a good time, although one of the younger drivers had a little difficulty coming down the rock. It sure looks like a close call, but he was able to turn correctly and give it a little gas to avoid tipping over.

We had a nice lunch break down by the river, then headed back out. After the group shot!

On 7/24, four volunteers joined Stay the Trail and the Forest Service to put up some kiosks in high use areas. The Forest Service has plans to develop these areas into safer recreational areas for multipurpose use. Our involvement hopefully helped to foster a relationship with the FS and STT so that we can work on our trail, China Wall. We will have a second work day on 8/15/15.

More pictures HERE

Metberry Gulch Volunteer Day
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