By Christie Cashatt

11 July 2015

Hello blog fans! You may have noticed a distinct lack of posts in the past couple of months. Our club, with all the recent rain, has been laying low. We are communicating with the Forest Service to construct a plan to work on our adopted trail – China Wall. In the meantime, we haven’t wanted to go out in all the mud and damage other trails.


Today was one of the first summer trails we have run. A couple of us met up in Colorado Springs and then the group all met at the Coyote’s Coffee Den in Penrose. After a quick breakfast, we headed southwest, off by the towns of Wetmore and Westcliffe. Fortunately, it was a sunny day, but not too hot in that area.

The trail winds up the mountain, with a small stream often in sight. It is an easy trail, suitable for stock suv’s, but it is quite rocky. Airing down made the day a whole lot more comfortable.


We took a hike, to what we thought was a waterfall, but soon realized that the trail was heading away from the creek. So it ended up just being a nice hike “to nowhere,” as Judy M. described it.

We made it up to nearly the top of the pass, but the snow buried the trail, so we had to park and have some snacks and take in the vistas.

Although we were a little disappointed not to have been able to reach the top of the trail, everyone had a good time and thoroughly enjoyed the trip.

HERE are a few more photos!



Hermit Pass Trail
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