By Christie Cashatt

22 March 2015

In preparation for the poker run in April, the group decided to run the gulches trails to see what damage winter might have caused. After another fun group breakfast, we headed up into the hills. We had 19 rigs hit the trail with us, including a very pretty, but capable, Ford Raptor. We had a couple new people join us, and had some former club members come back to check out what the club was up to these days.

Before hitting Longwater Rock, we had one vehicle experience loss of four wheel drive, so they had to head back to make repairs. On the same section of trail, another vehicle had some issues starting; after a jump start, we were good to go. Jon and I were in our 13 Grand Cherokee Trailhawk, that few have seen on the trail. Most people don’t seem to actually take their grand Cherokees Offroad! We do, and everyone was surprised at how capable it was!

We had a nice gathering down by the river, and kids and dogs got to play a little. Heading back out was pretty easy; only one rig had issues getting back up Longwater Rock. One of our prospective members got to try out his new winch to help the other rig up the rock, and he was pretty happy to have James there to run a tutorial. The trip home was uneventful, although we were out later than we had thought we would be.

All in all, it was another great trail run with some fabulous people.

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Longwater Gulch
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