By Tony Cobb

20 March 2015

This past Saturday we had a trail run to Chinamans Gulch near Buena Vista. We started off with a 7:30am breakfast at Western Omelette and rolled out around 8:30am. We made our way to Johnson Village at topped off fuel tanks and loaded up on snacks! Headed over to the trail head and met up with the remainder of the group that camped at the trail overnight. We had 11 rigs total – 6 members, 2 prospective members and 3 guests!!!

We headed out to a very busy trail around 11:30am. We made our way throught the first rock garden and then ran into another large group in front of us. After spending some time watching the group in front run the obstical we then made our way through which one of the rock crawlers in our group made light work of. Due to the volume of rigs on the trail it was a slow go through the next two big obsticals whale tail and the steps. As we reached the steps we had a slight delay with a flat tire on a bronco which was changed and we were on our way. At the last obstacle we again ran into a delay with a rig in front of us with a broken control arm which some of our group offered a hand and some rachet straps to aid in the temporary repair. Made our way throught the last obstical and around the back side and back through the rock garden to finishout the trail.

Even though the trail was busy it was great to see all the different rigs and there aproches to the different obsticals. We could not of asked for a better day on the trail!! Thanks to all who went and made it another successful run!!!

More pictures HERE

Chinaman’s Gulch
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