By Christie Cashatt

14 March 2015

The evening of 3/14, the Marden’s led Metbury Gulch. We met up at 5 and headed off into the mountains. It was beautiful, but the wind was pretty nippy. While on the first part of the trail, it was super muddy and there were a lot of standing puddles. There was also a lot of snow.

Once we got all 21 vehicles down to the river, though, there was no snow and the wind died down, so it was nice to stand around and visit (at midnight) and look at the gorgeous sky full of stars. One vehicle had headlight issues, so a number of the guys tried to diagnose and fix the issue. Despite this, everyone got back up the hill fine.

We got back to Colorado Springs around 2:30am, just in time for a couple of us to be caught up in DUI stops. Fortunately, law enforcement seemed to understand the words “disconnected sway bars” equals some minor weaving at that time of night, when it’s windy and you’re tired. 😉  And, since CFW members don’t wheel and drink, it was all good!

More pictures HERE

Metberry Gulch Night Run
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