By Christie Cashatt

15 February 2015

This is a brief blog entry to update those who weren’t on today’s trip, and to share some of the photos we took. Please feel free to share any photos you like!

Normally, James and Chrystie Marden from R&R Offroad lead a night run on the second Saturday of each month. This month, because Saturday was Valentine’s Day, they decided to make a “quick run” up China Wall to do a little cleanup from a rollover that they helped with from the weekend prior. James and Chrystie didn’t feel good about leaving glass and oil on the trail.

A few of us offered to go with them to help with the cleanup. Then, we posted the run on Facebook, and James mentioned it over at R&R Offroad… The next thing we knew, we had a turnout of 15 vehicles and 29 people! We even had two puppies! We had several people who are applicants for the club, as well as several guests. We had three trucks- a Ram, a Toyota, and a Ford, one YJ, several JK’s, a Wrangler, a 4Runner, a Cherokee, a Grand Cherokee, and a Bronco! Seeing all the different rigs was awesome. We averaged everyone’s volunteer time since we were cleaning up the trail, and will have another 182 hours to report to the state!

This was a great trip. We started out off of Hwy 24 at the Tarryall turnoff in beautiful weather, with blue skies and lots of sun. As we migrated through the trail, the clouds moved in and the temp dropped. Still, it was good enough weather for everyone to try the obstacles. Tony, who never gets stuck, managed to slide off the rocks and park himself on his driveshaft. Fortunately, Dan was able to tug him off. We definitely had some rock stacking and a few stuck fees were accrued. It was a really fun trail day, though. As we were airing up and getting ready to go to Cripple Creek, the snow began to fall. It was a pretty good blizzard by the time we got to Cripple Creek, but we still enjoyed the ice sculptures. Jordan Christian and James Barnes were even brave enough to try the ice slide! The drive back to the Springs was interesting, as the visibility was poor and the roads were very slick and snow packed. Everyone made it home safely, though.

Thanks to all who made it out. We hope to see you on the trail again soon!!

More Pictures HERE

China Wall Trail Run
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