By Tony Cobb, photos courtesy of Tony Cobb

10 January 2015

James and Chrystie Marden led the trip. We left Southside Johnny’s around 8:30PM after the Club Christmas Party. We all met up at the turn off to CR77 where the group aired down. We started the trip with 4 members and 5 guests.

During the trip to the trail one of the guest rigs lost fuel pressure so we were able to get him off to the side of the road and he jumped in another rig for the trail run. We entered China Wall through the first entrance and followed the trail through the rock gardens and then turned around at the last big single rock obsticale. We made our way back to the trail split and took the trail down through box canyon and out the third entrance. Daniel and Robert left the group at the trail split to meet Chris with the car trailer to recover Robert’s rig.

We could not have asked for a better night for the run. We had clear skies, 21 degree temps with no wind. The trail was in great shape with a couple of inches of snow which made it even more challenging. Huge thanks to Daniel Weischedel, Chris Denton, and James and Chrystie Marden for loading up and getting Robert’s rig back to town. James and Chrystie opened up RnR Offroad shop on Sunday so Robert could replace his failed fuel pump!!

Another great Colorado Four Wheelers Trail run!!!

More pictures HERE

China Wall Night Run
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