By Christie Cashatt

11 December 2014

When I started dating Jon in 2004, he introduced me to the Colorado Four Wheelers. I was impressed. Then it came to Christmas time. Wow. The club had a couple of people who were really involved in the Christmas for Kids (CFK) gift drive, and it seemed like they always had something going on.

We adopted a couple of kids that year and participated in the group shopping trip that a local store helped us with. And then there was the parade with everyone from all the other clubs.  And all the folks at DHS who came out to pick up gifts. It was awesome. I have always loved Christmas, but it was really cool to be part of something like that.  We participated for a few years, until family obligations took us out of the loop for a bit. This year was our first year back to the CFK event.

Jon and I have pretty small families, which have been getting smaller recently. Unfortunately, I’ve kind of lost some of my Christmas spirit over the years. This year has been a whole lot different, and I attribute that to our participation in CFK. An event like this brings people together with nothing but good intentions. We connect to the community and prompt involvement from those who might not be aware of the need or of their ability to help out. It helps remind us to be thankful for what we have, and to share what we can. It is also a fabulous time to connect with friends, despite the chaos of the season.

This year, like several others, the CFK raffle event was hosted by Southside Johnny’s. Members of the different clubs came together to drop off gifts and support the raffle. It was a lot of fun, and the clubs were able to put together some awesome raffle prizes, such as two winches, a re-gear package that included labor and parts, and a lot of different restaurant and service vouchers. There were also hats, tshirts, and tools, just to name a few. It was impressive to see how well supported our efforts were. Chrystie Marden and I took the gifts from the restaurant, and it took both of our pickups to carry everything!! The raffle raised $2000, which was enough to sponsor another 60 kids! Now, Chrystie is going to shop for more gifts! None of this is news to the folks who were able to make it out to the event. For those who missed it, maybe you will be able to come next year! Sadly, this event is one that will be needed in years to come. With more participation, though, we can support even more needy kids.

I think it also needs to be said that Chrystie and James Marden have earned their candy canes- in past years, R&R Offroad has sponsored about 100 kids. This year, Chrystie was the one heading up all CFK activities. James arranged for the re-gear package and will be doing the labor- for free. So thanks, Mardens, from us to you, for all you’ve done. And thanks to all the small businesses, business chains, CFW members, and other clubs’ members for your contributions and participation. You’ve all helped a lot of kids have a happier Christmas. And me too.

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Christmas For Kids Event